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Trinxypost Pro


Social media plugin

With Trinxypost Pro you can add up to 20 Instagram posts (or images) and display them as a gallery or standalone posts.


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Display your (or others) instagram posts or make a gallery of instagram images

With Trinxypost you can display your (or others) instagram posts or make a gallery of instagram images. Easy to setup, easy to use! Trinxypost gives you all the tools you need to set up an Instagram feed on your site. You can link both your own posts or others posts. Display the posts as they are, without comments or only the image. Choose if you want to display the posts in full with, or side by side, with a shortcode.

Trinxypost pro

Easy to setup

  • Just enter your Instagram token, where you can find it is included in the plugins administration area.
  • Add upp to 20 Instagram posts per post/page
  • Display them as you wish


  • Add your Instagram posts
  • Add others Instagram posts
  • Display them as posts with author, comments and likes
  • Display them with author and likes
  • Display them as a gallery
  • Display them with image only
Trinxypost pro


  1. Go to plugins > Add new
  2. Press "Upload Plugin"
  3. (Replace the current with uploaded)
  4. Go to Trinxypost Pro
  5. Add your token (if it isn't already there)
  6. Done!
Trinxypost pro

Complete the Initial Plugin Setup

Go to Trinxypost > Dashboard in the WordPress admin to begin setup.

Add your Instagram token and click on "save". (A video tutorial on how to find your token is included in this admin page)

Websites using Trinxypost Pro

Trinxypost pro


I need help installing, configuring, or customizing the plugin.

If you're in need of help just send us an email to We're happy to answer any question. We're also avalable for customization of the plugin (if you hire us to do so.)

My site doesn't display any posts

This will happen if you haven't entered your instagram token in Trinxypost > Dashboard.