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Front office, design

With MultiBox you can create custom boxes and make your Webshop in PrestaShop even more unique. In just a few clicks you can add categories to your frontpage, add messages, banners and images.


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Take control of your shop and create elements that makes your shop stand out from the crowd!

Within a few seconds you can e.g highlight categories, place banners, add text content and more. If the standard layout doesn't fit your liking you can add your custom CSS. Does it sound hard? It's not!

The module comes with working examples and videos that explains how everything works and how YOU (even if you never heard of CSS before) can create your custom layouts.


What your customers will like

So what are the benefits for the customer? All the campaigns and sales are up to date, no content that isn't relevant is displayed if you give the MultiBoxes a start and end date. The customers will recognize your shop from others even if you're using a standard theme, with MultiBox you can customize your layout!


  • Add banners
  • Add categories
  • Add messages
  • Display them within given dates or all the time
  • Add a gallery


The module comes with multiple languages but the support is only available in English and Swedish.



I need help installing, configuring, or customizing the module.

If you're in need of help just send us an email to We're happy to answer any question. We're also avalable for customization of the plugin (if you hire us to do so.)