Why Trinxy?

We believe that a web agency should be able to code to give its customers what they want and solve any problems in a good way. Have the competence to create websites and solutions that are not based on patching together finished plugins but instead create stable, fast and secure websites.

Who we are?

The web agency Trinxy consists of Mattias Twedmark and Rebecca Seiron. Together we have over 20 years of experience in web development, web programming and the internet.

Our goal is to build stable, sustainable and long-term solutions for you to have a good and optimized website. With our long and broad experience, there is almost nothing that is too advanced. We are passionate about development and are here if you have an idea and need developers to come up with or realize it.

A digital web agency

We work completely digitally from each coast in Sweden and one of us is mostly at the computer and developing on one of our projects. We know what we're doing - for real! We have good knowledge and code knowledge in many languages and frameworks, our solution is not to use a plugin or try to patch over the problems, but we have the knowledge to solve them for real. We are there for you, from sketch to finished website or e-commerce and have the opportunity to take care of your servers, you will never be left in the lurch.

Curious about Trinxy?

If you want to know more about us or about Trinxy, send us a message here and we will get back to you. We receive interns at a distance at regular intervals.

You can also contact us directly at info@trinxy.se or via Facebook Messenger .

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